Wednesday, July 24, 2013

First Week at IMT

Sweating profusely, I pushed the door open to my new room. C-106, a spacious but bare room. After scanning it from corner to corner I thought to myself, “Finally I’m here!”. A myriad of feelings rushed through me. Excitement, enthusiasm, nervousness. I looked out the window at the hostel blocks and wondered, “But am I at the right place?”. I missed Bangalore. O Bangalore! It was my home!
Now, seven days later, I say with assurance that the answer for me is ‘Yes’. It has been a very exciting and packed week, where we, the students of the new batch of PGDM, have begun our foray into the corporate world. We have already been exposed to a lot of ideas by way of interesting case-studies, absolutely riveting guest lectures and engaging lecture sessions by the faculty.
For me, the one aspect of IMT that struck me from the very first day has been the open intellectual atmosphere that is nurtured here. The guest speakers have not only talked about a wide range topics such as leadership, marketing, corporate social responsibility, the triple bottom line etc., but also touched upon the grey areas and asked probing questions of the industry. The students too have exhibited multi-dimensional thinking by putting forward a variety of questions and opinions. These, I feel, are the ideal breeding grounds for new ideas and innovative thinking.
Secondly, I also observed that everything here is not only student driven, but also student centric. The whole institute vis-a-vis the infrastructure, the curriculum, the examination system, the committees and clubs, the rules and regulations etc., is set up to provide an atmosphere to maximize the learning of students. One can actually sense the synergy among seemingly disparate units of the institution. I cannot wait to delve further in this world.
Thirdly, the atmosphere all around is really charged up. I have interacted with people from various age groups, regions and backgrounds. It is a delight to be among such a mixed pool of talent. Things don’t come to a halt after the sessions. After coming back to hostel, everyone engages in some activity or the other. I have already been part of football and badminton matches, apart from group discussions on case-studies given to us.
This is not to say that there haven’t been difficulties. But largely, these have been “teething problems” related to settling in. I choose to look at the larger picture and know that that trumps everything else.

Yesterday evening, while having snacks at the mess, my friend asked me, “So what’s your plan now? Do you want to go out somewhere?” I replied, “No, I want to go home.” With a puzzled face he asked, “Are you going to your place in Dwarka right now?” “No, I meant back to the hostel”. I paused for a second, realized what I said and smiled.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Kick ass

Why does everyone keep kicking Arundhati Roy's ass? In the latest case, she wrote an article "Walking with the comrades". And since then, the kind of articles commenting on Roy's article clearly point out that either they actually mean it from their heart or that Arundhati Roy has refused to pay back huge amounts of money she owed these guys.

Check out these
  1. Moonwalking With The Comrades
  2. Walk The Talk, Comrade
  3. She Was There
In fact, now that i have started this, i also dont understand why all intellectuals love to kick Ayn Rand's ass. I do disagree with her myself on some issues, but i dont think i can pretend i know so much that i can kick her ass.

Hmm, i guess the word "intellectual" has many shades to it. One of them seems to be that you can confidently kick some other intellectual's ass.


Monday, March 22, 2010

Long time no see

Im sorry i haven't been able to write. A belated happy new year, by the way :)

I have thought of some good topics though. New posts coming soon.

p.s - I am still to ascertain who wrote "write more!" on the skribit widget on my page. Anyways, im glad someone reads this crap.

More crap coming soon.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

A pleasant surprise

Just when the days had started to seem drab and boring, a pleasant surprise came last night.
Rediff has this contest, which by the way is still open to entries, where they're asking readers to give a list of 10 things they would do if they had only 3 more years to live from now (for details visit As i said, since i was bored i just decided to make a list. It was fun too. And well, they ended up putting it on their site.
Since losers proudly show off their trifling successes, i don't mind switching parties for a day to present my list. Here is the link Clicking on "Next" a few times will lead to the grand list.

However, just in case rediff betrays me by deleting that is the list as put up on rediff.

Dheeraj Tewani, 22, from New Delhi, split his list in two. Here is, as he puts it, the 'serious stuff':

1. Make a graduate level degree a prerequisite for all politicians. And also make classes on ethics mandatory for them.

2. India is 113th among other countries on the gender equality list. This will be my highest priority. Men should be taught to respect women better. Rape should be considered equivalent to murder.

3. Hang Narendra Modi, George Bush etc (it's a long list) for mass murders and genocides.

4. Save Tibet from China's clutches.

5. Have conversations with Noam Chomsky, Bill Gates, Amartya Sen, the Dalai Lama, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, CK Prahalad, Eddie Vedder, Jerry Sienfeld etc. And if I can bring back the dead, add George Orwell, M K Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to that list too.

And some fun stuff...

6. Try a different sexual position each night for those 3 years.

7. Date Yana Gupta and Sheetal Malhar...together!

8. Buy a bookstore (I love books), a 5 star hotel (I love good food and comfortable beds), the whole Barista Chain in Delhi (I love coffee) and a private helicopter (no traffic!).

9. Make beer as cheap as water.

10. Buy the most high-end computer and the fastest Internet connection possible.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Top Reasons to Date a Squash Player

1. we like it hard and fast against the wall
2. we're used to performing in minimal amounts of clothing
3. we don't mind getting hot and sweaty
4. we're always open to new moves & positions
5. we know where the sweet spot is
6. we enjoy doing hard things
7. we're always on top of the ball
8. we hit from any angle
9. we're good with our hands
10. we know how to play doubles
11. we like to be on top of our game
12. we know how to take it up the middle
13. we play the court until we score
14. one word..FLEXIBILITY

(source: really wish i knew)

Monday, November 2, 2009

more ramblings

On the "red terror"

for the past few weeks, the whole maoist issue has constantly occupied some space on the front page of every newspaper. i was earlier reluctant to write about this because my view and opinions fluctuated a lot. my reluctance was further increased by the fact that generally views on this are very polarized. i thought i was missing something. but i admit that as of now I'm still kinda neutral on this issue.

The most striking are the contradictions/hypocrisy on both the sides. The maoists are supposed to be this ultra-left force against the rich and the powerful, but all they seem to do is kill these petty constables and govt officials, ostensibly posing as the champions of the poor. On the other side, the PM declares that the govt is "willing to talk to anyone" while it prepares for a massive operation to rout the maoists.

However, asked to choose between the two sides, i would back the maoists. that's cause maoists are not really terrorists but victims of the state atrocities who have taken up arms to retaliate. i dont mean i condone the violence that they commit, but i dont think it's the same "terrorism" as for eg. what Islam fundamentalists indulge in.

Even though the state will win if a war breaks out, it is not the right way to go. The state seems in a haste to end the insurgency, too impatient for any talks. Or as one writer aptly puts it, wrongly choosing the security-centered approach over the development-centered approach.

On B.L.O.T

Recently, i went to the most amazing concert at Max Mueller Bhawan. The lineup consisted of just 4 artists, techno groups from different parts of the world. One of them, B.L.O.T (Basic Love of things) is from India. Their audio-visual mixes are just mind blowing. Cant wait to get my hands on their dvd.

Check out this sample AV mix on their site.....

All in all, i realized two things after the concert

1) trance/techno rules
2) Trance/techno + beer + smokes + Pasta = Cloud 9

To be contd....

Thursday, October 8, 2009

ghandy's document

Kobad Ghandy was arrested recently. here's the controversial document he wrote. it's an interesting read.

Post-Election Situation-Our Tasks

p.s - the site's also nice.