Monday, November 2, 2009

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On the "red terror"

for the past few weeks, the whole maoist issue has constantly occupied some space on the front page of every newspaper. i was earlier reluctant to write about this because my view and opinions fluctuated a lot. my reluctance was further increased by the fact that generally views on this are very polarized. i thought i was missing something. but i admit that as of now I'm still kinda neutral on this issue.

The most striking are the contradictions/hypocrisy on both the sides. The maoists are supposed to be this ultra-left force against the rich and the powerful, but all they seem to do is kill these petty constables and govt officials, ostensibly posing as the champions of the poor. On the other side, the PM declares that the govt is "willing to talk to anyone" while it prepares for a massive operation to rout the maoists.

However, asked to choose between the two sides, i would back the maoists. that's cause maoists are not really terrorists but victims of the state atrocities who have taken up arms to retaliate. i dont mean i condone the violence that they commit, but i dont think it's the same "terrorism" as for eg. what Islam fundamentalists indulge in.

Even though the state will win if a war breaks out, it is not the right way to go. The state seems in a haste to end the insurgency, too impatient for any talks. Or as one writer aptly puts it, wrongly choosing the security-centered approach over the development-centered approach.

On B.L.O.T

Recently, i went to the most amazing concert at Max Mueller Bhawan. The lineup consisted of just 4 artists, techno groups from different parts of the world. One of them, B.L.O.T (Basic Love of things) is from India. Their audio-visual mixes are just mind blowing. Cant wait to get my hands on their dvd.

Check out this sample AV mix on their site.....

All in all, i realized two things after the concert

1) trance/techno rules
2) Trance/techno + beer + smokes + Pasta = Cloud 9

To be contd....

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