Saturday, November 21, 2009

A pleasant surprise

Just when the days had started to seem drab and boring, a pleasant surprise came last night.
Rediff has this contest, which by the way is still open to entries, where they're asking readers to give a list of 10 things they would do if they had only 3 more years to live from now (for details visit As i said, since i was bored i just decided to make a list. It was fun too. And well, they ended up putting it on their site.
Since losers proudly show off their trifling successes, i don't mind switching parties for a day to present my list. Here is the link Clicking on "Next" a few times will lead to the grand list.

However, just in case rediff betrays me by deleting that is the list as put up on rediff.

Dheeraj Tewani, 22, from New Delhi, split his list in two. Here is, as he puts it, the 'serious stuff':

1. Make a graduate level degree a prerequisite for all politicians. And also make classes on ethics mandatory for them.

2. India is 113th among other countries on the gender equality list. This will be my highest priority. Men should be taught to respect women better. Rape should be considered equivalent to murder.

3. Hang Narendra Modi, George Bush etc (it's a long list) for mass murders and genocides.

4. Save Tibet from China's clutches.

5. Have conversations with Noam Chomsky, Bill Gates, Amartya Sen, the Dalai Lama, Gabriel Garcia Marquez, CK Prahalad, Eddie Vedder, Jerry Sienfeld etc. And if I can bring back the dead, add George Orwell, M K Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru and Indira Gandhi to that list too.

And some fun stuff...

6. Try a different sexual position each night for those 3 years.

7. Date Yana Gupta and Sheetal Malhar...together!

8. Buy a bookstore (I love books), a 5 star hotel (I love good food and comfortable beds), the whole Barista Chain in Delhi (I love coffee) and a private helicopter (no traffic!).

9. Make beer as cheap as water.

10. Buy the most high-end computer and the fastest Internet connection possible.


  1. ha ha ha.. i like ur list..well done!!

    amm..especially the handing those accused for mass murder... and also beer :) way to go..

  2. oh and different sexual position wins the award buddy..

  3. try making your own list. It's fun.